Wheel Balance

If your tires are unbalanced, you may experience uneven vibration, wear and unsafe driving conditions


At KlahanieServiceCenter, our experts will balance your tires and ensure they are moving as evenly as possible. This will ensure maximum driving performance for your vehicle


Our tire balance service includes:

  • Removal of tires and wheels
  • Mount each tire on a specialized balancing machine
  • Spinning each tire to ensure the weight of wheel and tire are evenly balanced around the axle
  • Locating and fixing any imbalance
  • Attachment of a lead weight to counteract any opposite side weight differences
  • Remount wheels and tires


Why is it important for my tires to be balanced?

Daily wear to your tire tread can cause impairment of weight distribution around the wheels and tires. Keeping your tires balanced will reduce potential vibrations of the steering wheel, floors or seats. Having your wheels balanced will help ensure:

  • A smoother drive
  • A reduction of tire wear
  • Properly functioning drive-train components


How often should my wheels be balanced?

Klahanie Service Center recommends your wheels to be balanced every 3k miles- 6k miles. If you are experiencing vibrations or other symptoms, you should bring your vehicle in right away for a wheel balancing.