Muffler & Exhaust

Your exhaust system helps provide a quiet driving experience and prevents toxic gases from leaking into your vehicle

Over time, factors such as climate and typical road conditions can break, damage or wear out exhaust components. At Klahanie Service Center, we offer a comprehensive exhaust system and muffler service, which includes:

  • Complete and thorough inspection of all exhaust mechanisms
  • Replace any exhaust parts that are malfunctioning, broken or missing

At Klahanie Service Center, our exhaust services (excluding the muffler) are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first)- for standard parts and labor.


*We offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on parts for the original buyer. Please consult with our certified technicians for complete details. “Lifetime Limited Warranty” must be included on the invoice.


Why are muffler and exhaust services so important for my vehicle?

Your muffler and exhaust system need regular maintenance to help reduce engine noise and to help prevent you and your passengers from breathing toxic carbon monoxide/dioxide fumes. These services also aid in reducing the amount of pollutants that are released into the air. Your exhaust system helps with the following:


  • Directing dangerous engine exhaust gases away from and outside of your vehicle
  • Minimizing pollutants that are released into the air
  • Reducing engine exhaust sounds


When do I need to have my exhaust system inspected?

At Klahanie Service Center, we recommend having your muffler/exhaust system inspected at least once per year:


  • If your muffler is loud, this sound is letting you know it needs repair
  • There may be more serious issues with your exhaust system that aren’t as easy to detect, which is why a yearly check up is advised
  • Certain malfunctions in your vehicle’s exhaust system could lead to toxic carbon monoxide leaking into your vehicle. Some of these issues may include: pinholes, loose brackets, catalytic converter problems, stuck valves, etc.