Drive Train

Driveline services are performed by our experienced certified technicians at Klahanie Service Center. This service includes:


  • Measure and refill of transmission fluid
  • Inspect the CV (constant velocity) as well as the universal joints for lack of lubrication or excessive movement
  • Check for unwanted sounds or vibrations while accelerating
  • Repair the drive shaft if needed


Why is my vehicle’s drive train important?

Drive train mechanisms channel the power from your vehicle’s engine to the torque in the wheels. This gives your vehicle optimal handling and speed. Driveline components usually consist of the universal shaft and drive shaft.

When should I have my driveline inspected?


  • If you detect a vibration or rumbling sound while driving on the highway- this could be a driveline vibration
  • If you notice grinding, squeaking, chirping or clunking noises- this could indicate worn or unlubricated universal joints
  • It is important to check your owner’s manual for particular recommendations for proper care, intervals for lubricant and what lubricant should be used