All vehicles need to be safely and reliably operating, which requires a fully functional electrical system


At Klahanie Service Center, our technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to troubleshoot your vehicle’s electrical system, data, and to isolate the cause of any electrical issues. Our electrical system service includes:


  • Thoroughly inspect your battery and condition of the case
  • Check that your battery is delivering enough power, replace battery if needed
  • Inspect and adjust electrical cable connections as needed
  • Perform engine diagnostics if needed, to troubleshoot advanced or complex systems and electrical problems


Why do I need to get a vehicle electric system service?

There are many electrical components in your vehicle, and they are all required to route power throughout the electrical system. These components can differ greatly due to vehicle make, model and age. The electrical system consists of the battery, starter and alternator. Newer vehicles have more complex electrical systems, which affect functions of brakes, sensors, steering, etc. This complexity can make it difficult to pinpoint specific problems, which is why we use the latest in diagnostic equipment. Most issues however, can be traced to the battery.


When is it time to have my vehicle’s electrical system inspected?


The average life span of a battery is between 3 and 7 years. For proper safety, it is recommended to replace your battery every 4 years. You should have your vehicle’s electrical system checked right away if you notice the following warning signs:


  • Your engine won’t turn over and you hear grinding or clicking or no sound when your turn your keyl
  • The lights on your dashboard are dimly illuminated
  • Your headlights dim as you decrease speed or idle at a stop