Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses should be periodically replaced to prevent overheating and severe engine damage.

At Klahanie Service Center, our expert technicians will provide a full belt and hose inspection and/or replacement. This service includes:

-A complete inspection of all belts and hoses for signs of wear or damage
-Replace any and all needed belts and hoses
-Adjust all fitted belts, hoses and related mechanisms

Why is it necessary to replace my belts and hoses?

If you replace your belts and hoses and the initial start of wear or damage, you can prevent vehicle breakdowns and/or engine damage caused by overheating. Some signs that your belts and hoses need replacing are:

-An overheated engine can be caused by a leaking or ruptured hose
-Safe operation of your vehicle depends in part on your power steering hose- if you lose power, you will
most likely need your hose replaced
-Your vehicle can become inoperable if you have a damaged or worn belt

How can I tell when I need to replace my belts?

Your belts and hoses help maintain your vehicle’s engine and cooling system. Your hoses should be inspected at every oil change to prevent problems. Belts should be replaced every 30K-60K miles.

What are the signs that my belts need replacing?

Signs that your belts need replacing include:

-Cracks showing in the belt
-Belt is splitting, peeling or fraying
-The engine runs rough or stalls at a stop
-Knocking or pinging sounds are heard during acceleration or once the engine is off
-Your check engine light is illuminated after the engine is on and running

How can I tell when I need to replace my hoses?

Signs that your hoses need replacing include:

-A bulge or inflated hose
-Hose is hardened and inflexible
-You notice cracks along the hose
-The hose clamps are worn and/or corroded