Tire Repair

If your tire has been deflated or punctured, it is very important to have it inspected and repaired

At Klahanie Service Center, our certified technicians will perform a complete tire service for your vehicle. This includes:

  • Removal and inspection of the tire to determine the cause of deflation and if it can be repaired
  • Repair the deflated tire
  • Ensure the all repairs are performed to the highest level of industry standards
  • Plug and/or patch from inside the tire if needed for repair
  • Rebalance tires & wheels on assembly
  • Reactivate the tire pressure monitoring component if needed


Why is it necessary for my tire to be properly repaired?

If you are driving on a tire that has lost air or has been punctured, it is imperative for your safety to have it repaired right away. One of our service technicians will inspect your tire and determine or repair or replacement is needed, and will service your vehicle as needed. Having your flat tire fixed will help to:

  • Keep your tire tread free of punctures
  • Prevent future tire damage from the puncture
  • Keep your vehicle’s tire pressure at the recommended manufacturer’s levels

How often should I have my tires inspected?

Your tires should be inspected on a monthly basis to detect irregular tread, cuts, punctures, embedded debris, cracks, etc. If your tires have any of these conditions, you may be losing tire pressure. Your tires should be removed and inspected to determine whether repair or replacement is needed.